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Is Apple Stock Due for a Correction?
Apple Stock has gained 88% over the past year despite many challenges, but this analyst thinks AAPL is due for a correction. The post Is Apple Stock Due for a Correction?
The Motley Fool
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Apple Might Finally Address This Long-Standing Antitrust Criticism
iPhone users may soon be able to change their default apps.
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Apple gets restraining order against man accused of stalking CEO Tim Cook
The company said Rakesh "Rocky" Sharma showed up at Cook's home with champagne and flowers.
CNN Business
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Apple needs a 5G iPhone now more than ever
Whatever high Apple executives were on in January after the company posted record earnings and strong iPhone sales during the holiday quarter has likely faded.
The Motley Fool
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Why Investors Shouldn't Worry About Apple's Warning
Apple issued a warning for Q2 earnings related to the coronavirus. Will it have a long-lasting impact on Apple's business or stock price?
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What secrets? Apple embroiled in row over book by German former executive
Apple has become embroiled in a publishing row in Germany after it tried to halt sales of a book written by a former executive, saying it disclosed secrets about the App Store.
The Motley Fool
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Apple Considers Letting Users Use Third-Party Apps As Defaults
The move would give consumers more choice.
The Motley Fool
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16 Years After Freeing Itself From Debt, Apple Now Owes Over $100 Billion
"Today is a historic day of sorts for our company," Steve Jobs wrote to employees at the time.
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