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Leggett & Platt Aktie News

Seeking Alpha
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Dividend aristocrats can fail over time, as seen with the bankruptcies of Winn-Dixie, K Mart, and terrible long-term returns from GE, AT&T, CenturyLink, and VF Corp. I love recommending safe, high-yield aristocrat bargains to buy now and warn about rising dividend cut risk at deteriorating dividend aristocrats like Leggett & Platt. Leggett's pandemic supply chain disruption and inflation impact...
Seeking Alpha
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"There is only one-criterion to be included among the Dividend Kings: a publicly-traded company must increase its total fiscal-year dividend-payout for a minimum of 50 consecutive years." - Dogs of the Dow. The 49 Dividend Kings screened as of November 22 represented eight of eleven Morningstar Sectors. Broker targeted-top-ten net-gains ranged 18.52%-38.49% topped by Northwest Natural and Gorma...
Seeking Alpha
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The ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETF continues its streak of exceptional gains in November, through the 24th, the ETF is up 6.87%. I present 3 strategies that can theoretically beat the dividend aristocrat index in the long term. After 28 months of tracking these strategies, two strategies are beating NOBL, and one continues to outperform SPY.
Seeking Alpha
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Growing dividend income takes time and consistency. The Fed paused a rate hike in September and will likely remain in a holding pattern for November, with a modest chance of an increase in December. Increase passive income by consistently investing in the market and letting dividend reinvestment do the trick.
Seeking Alpha
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Leggett & Platt is selling at 1997 prices yet the company has grown substantially. The near 8% yield has only been higher in the GFC of 2008. Revenue and earnings have all grown mid to high double digits over the decade. The stock is down -22% over that time. This indicates value.
Seeking Alpha
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Without rehashing the wild ride we experienced in the market the last couple of months with triple digit gains and losses, I could find comfort in one thing, my dividends. Dividends may not increase every year and a cut or elimination is even possible, but the odds are greatly reduced when you diversify among different companies and sectors and focus on dividend quality. Another four-digit mont...
24/7 Wall Street
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At 24/7 Wall St., we know how vital dividend size, stability, and growth are to growth and income investors who need a dependable income stream.
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While stocks beat out every other asset class in generating wealth, dividend stocks are the premier investment strategy. Over the four decades between 1972 and 2012, companies that initiated and raised their dividends outperformed all other stocks that didn't pay dividends.

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