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Yelp: Can It Recover?
After almost a 51% decline in the online review platform Yelp’s (NYSE: YELP) stock since the beginning of this year, at the current price of $17 per share, we believe that Yelp’s stock is likely oversold and it has potential upside.
Seeking Alpha
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Yelp: Lockdown Survivor
Yelp: Lockdown Survivor
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Yelp hits brakes on GoFundMe button for helping businesses during coronavirus lockdown
Its notification with opt-out instructions failed to reach some businesses, the crowd-sourced review site says.
The Motley Fool
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Yelp Faces Backlash Over GoFundMe Page for Small Businesses Hurt by Coronavirus
Yelp teamed up with GoFundMe to raise money for small businesses but failed to alert some of the enterprises, resulting in backlash.
The Motley Fool
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Why Booking Holdings, TripAdvisor, and Yelp Stocks Crashed Today
3 top news items are shaping (and shaking) the market today.
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Yelp pauses GoFundMe Covid-19 fundraising after opt-out outcry
A fundraising program that Yelp and GoFundMe put in place this week to help local businesses impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic has been paused after public outcry over how it was rolled out — specifically, controversy over how the two provided no easy and quick way to opt out of the fundraising. The fundraising campaigns started […]
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Yelp created GoFundMe pages for small businesses without permission, then made it hard to cancel
Yelp said this week it was partnering with GoFundMe to provide a "seamless way" for people to donate to businesses being hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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